WordPress vs Blogger what do I choose?

WordPress or Blogger what do I choose?
In this blog. I will share everything I know.
Through my experience of the two platforms WordPress and Blogger, I reached the conclusion that Blogger is a great platform and surpasses WordPress with many features, including ease of use, good archiving and simplicity. Therefore, I wanted to share with you my experience through this comparison and I hope that you like this article.

WordPress or Blogger A Real and true comparison without marketing intentions

A real and true comparison without marketing intentions between Blogger and WordPress



Blogger is easy to use and it is not necessary to be experienced to work on this platform, everything is simple with an easy and uncomplicated control panel. All you have to do is adjust the blog settings through a smooth user interface and create and publish your own content.

Blogger is one of the easiest platforms to use

WordPress is a bit difficult to use especially for beginners

WordPress platform is difficult to use. It requires expertise to handle its system. The WordPress dashboard is challenging and complex, with many options that are difficult to understand and use properly. Especially by users who have no experience with WordPress dashboard.

WordPress platform is difficult to use

Blogger 100% free and you won't pay any money to host your site

Blogger is a completely free Google service that includes a blog and hosting and you don't have to pay any money to create and use your blog or the cost of hosting. Everything is free. Blogger is hosted on Google servers.  This means that your blog is safe from hacking because Google is a strong company in the field of protection and security and the access to Google servers by hackers will be almost non-existent.

Blogger is a completely free Google service

in WordPress The cost of hosting is a minimum of $100 per year

WordPress is free but you have to pay for hosting. There are a lot of offers when you pay monthly it will be $120 per year.  If the payment is annually it will be $90. The payment every three years will be 50 dollars a year. You also have to pay for other extras later. Such as if you want to increase hosting space or increase bandwidth or databases, backups, and protection programs for your site. All of this requires more and more money. Most people fall into the trap of vague offers that are cheap when you see them but you will be surprised that you have to pay more money to use the necessary features. So at the very least you'll need to pay $150 a year or more. Your site will be slow and limited in use if you don't buy additional services. This is because there are more than 500 or even 1000 sites on the same server. These are the most important drawbacks of the co-hosting of WordPress. You're not alone on the server.

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All plugins and tools in Blogger are 100% free؜

The tools and plugins in blogger are completely free and originated from Google. You do not have to pay any money to use any tool or plugin. All you have to do is choose the tool and add. Then complete it and run it on your blog. 

choose the tool and add

In WordPress free plugins are unreliable and paid additions are very expensive

In WordPress, free plugins are not safe or limited in use. To force you to buy. There are no permanent updates, so this plugins can sometimes be dangerous for the security of your site. You will have to buy paid plugins to ensure their periodic updates and these expensive plugins. You'll have to pay $30 to $150 per year for each plugin and at the very least you'll need 5 paid extras, which you need to pay more than $300 a year for extras only without hosting. Unfortunately, these plugins are necessary to ensure the health of your site. Such as SEO archiving plugin, backup plugin, image size compression, and protection from annoying comments and spam. And many other necessary plugins and unfortunately all are paid and not free. 

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Blogger is owned by Google and is not open source

which means you can't edit the source of the script or access your website's operating files and databases. Google controls everything from updates to adding features and others you can't access and edit the source code. You can't edit or see your site's databases on blogger. You only have a blog control panel. I think you won't need any more, but you have the absolute freedom to edit and create templates and add code to your blog. You don't have to check your blog or hosting updates. Google will take care of this and the updates will be automatic without any interference from you. Also you have a good advantage which is that Google servers enjoy speed and protection. Your blog is pre-programmed for archiving and you don't need to purchase any additional services. 

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WordPress is open source and you can edit anything and access everything 

WordPress is an open source platform. That is, you can access and modify the source code to suit your needs. You can also access your site files entirely, But this requires a lot of programming experience and it's not easy. I guess open source is not an advantage. and there is a question: Do you have enough experience in programming to modify the WordPress code? If your answer is yes and you really want to create a special site that meets your needs and you can manage on your own, or you have the liquidity to book a server for your site to take full advantage of the server resources. Or if you can hire people who have experience in managing your site and server and have the ability to pay programmers and designers to do what you want. WordPress press will be the right choice for you. If your answer is no, you don't have the experience in programming and you don't have the liquidity to do so, it means that the open source code feature is irrelevant and means nothing. So my advice to you is to save your money and go to Blogger because it is easy to use and will meet your demand regardless of your experience. And it's all for free. 

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Blogger has a very high safety rate. Your site is on Google servers

there are no plugins or tools from third parties all the plugins and tools from Google so it is very safe. Blogger is hosted on Google Servers and is a very powerful company in the field of programming and protection. So this is a good advantage for you. You don't have to pay to protect your site as well that Google provides you with a strong and free SSL certification for your site. When you create your blog on Blogger you will be assured of the total security of your site as well as the speed of downloading your blog, the speed of archiving and the possibility of linking the blog to a private domain of your choice. But you have to pay for the dominoes. The price of a domino ranges from $7 to $15 per year. Otherwise, you don't have to pay any money.

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WordPress is safe but if you have experience 

WordPress is safe as a platform because updates are available periodically. But you have to do it yourself. There will be no automatic updates. You must continuously access the WordPress control panel to check for updates and press the download button manually. And also likewise for extras everything you have to do manually and this is very important. The purpose of the updates is to fill in security vulnerabilities and correct or improve software errors. Delaying the blog update is dangerous and could expose your site to hacking. So you should constantly check updates. Unlike Blogger, the updates are automatic and you don't have to check them out. This saves you time to accomplish other tasks. You should also choose the plugins carefully and do not trust the unknown plugins. Before installing any plugin, it is best to first search for information about it and see comments about the plugin, its problems, solutions, etc. 

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Blogger is a Google service and preprepared for good archiving in search engines

You won't need any external tools to improve search engines. You don't have to pay any money for this service from Google.  It is hosted on Google servers and is predesigned for quick and good archiving and optimization of search engines without using any other services. All of this is free of charge without paying for these services. It is fully proportional to all Google services such as AdSense Google ads, archiving, translation and many other important and useful services from Google.

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WordPress is good at archiving the site but you need to buy an plugin

WordPress is compatible with archiving and search engines. But it requires a lot of experience or buying an SEO plugin. Unfortunately, WordPress tools or plugins to archive search engines are very expensive and the prices are exorbitant. The subscription price of these plugins ranges from $60 per year to more than $150, depending on the tool. Unfortunately, WordPress is not integrated with archiving tools and SEO. This is why the companies that produce these tools manipulate prices and demand inflated prices for these services. WordPress Script is free to download and install on your site. But many plugins require large amounts in addition to hosting cost, hosting services, which means a lot off $$$ $ 

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Blogger offers a lot of free templates

Blogger's platform is free and also provides you with many free templates that you can use and also there are a lot of sites that offer free and paid templates. The price of the template ranges from $5 to $35 maximum. Also you can easily create a template on a blogger. By modifying any template as you like. At first you'll think that blogger is limited, but your opinion will soon change after a month of using bloggers. That's when you discover that blogger is easy to use and gives you more freedom than WordPress by editing templates and adding additions and tools. Also how good it is in archiving the site and compatible with a lot of the services you will need, all for free. 

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WordPress offers lots of free templates. But unprofessional

There are a lot of free templates that you can download from WordPress site but most of these templates are experimental and limited in use, apparently when downloaded are free, but when you customize these templates you will discover that the template has two versions free version which is limited in use and does not provide good features and another paid version you can buy with money to benefit from the features of the template and the prices of WordPress templates range from $35 to $85 or more according to the template and features and the company that designed and programmed it. We also note that WordPress is free but you can't use WordPress without plugins or without hosting and that means a lot of money. Can you afford all these costs? 

Comparing costs and services 

What do I choose? 

I explained the features and the cost, and now it's your turn to choose.
Ask yourself what you want your site to be? Is it for writing content?
If your answer is yes, I advise you to use Blogger, it's easy to use and a great platform for writing, publishing and archiving.
Do you have programming experience to take advantage of the open source platform?
If your answer is yes, I advise you to choose WordPress.
What's best for me?
It's up to you, your needs and your budget.
Do you have products you want to sell online?
If your answer is yes, I would advise you to use WordPress or Shopify.
Everything else I advise you to use blogger for easy use and save money.

Why is it Rumored online that WordPress is better than blogger?

Unfortunately, because of the lack of credibility of the comparisons on the sites.
If you notice most of the comparisons are accompanied by affiliate links for booking hosting.
These links contain a code for the comparison owner and when you click on the link a cookie will be stored on your computer. And if you bought the hosting within 90 days, after clicking on the link. The person who wrote the comparison or code owner will earn anywhere from $ 40 to $ 120 from the hosting company you were directed to.
Because you bought it through its link. Unfortunately, no credibility.
So you will notice the exaggeration and the lie about the mentioned hosting features which are 90% misleading and incorrect. Proof of this is going to the review sites for companies, you will find that the percentage of customer satisfaction is less than 10%, read reviews to discover the extent of misinformation followed.
You can try it now. Go to the website
and type in the website addresses of the hosting companies in the comparisons, and you will see that. You will discover that most of the comparisons are false, false, and misleading and the reason for the comparison is to convince you to buy a hosting because of the money they will get if you buy through them, not because WordPress is better than Blogger. 

To create a blog in blogger, register via the blogger site, you only need a Gmail email

Thank you for reading
I really hope this article was helpful to you.
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