أخبار ساخنة

My family in small words

Hello again.. 

One Day I was a kid

I want you to know more about me, and perhaps I would like to direct these imprisoned words within me to my family in Syria, for more than five years I have not seen any of my family. I also want to write something that stems from my deep feelings for those I love, so that I can return back to what have written when I miss them.
Here I will introduce my family to you in few words to each of them, and in subsequent posts I will write about some of my childhood memories that are still stuck in my head. I miss those memories so much and hope to repeat them over and over again.
As a child, I had a lot of experiences, attempts, and desires. Beautiful, sad, funny and strange situations.
One day, I was a kid laughing, crying, playing, I don't care about time, because my past was short and my future was broad-minded.
I did not think about the past because I did not experience the obstacles and cruelty of the past, and I did not think about the future, because the road to it is very long and I did not know the value of time and its passage.
I did not know that life is like a clock, that years turn into minutes, and then for seconds, and then they disappear into the depths of the past. I use to askd myself when will I grow up? but at that time I didn't know that getting older makes life shorter.
Now I know the meaning of time and I know what it means to grow old.
I'm in the middle now. My time in the past is equal to my time in my future, while I am in the present.
Sometimes I hope to go back to the past and sometimes I jump in time towards the future, but even now I still yearn for my childhood, and I still feel parts of that child clinging to me and my memory refusing to be released , maybe I will release it here in my Blog.

My Family  in short

My father

He was working in the construction profession and he also had a small crocery at same time, to help with the household expenses.
My father is a wonderful person in every sense of the word.
My father is an affectionate person full of fun, love and kindness.
He was always trying to bring a smile into our lives with his words, movements and jokes.
I cannot describe my father with just words because beautiful words are not enough.
He is a person who influenced me a lot.
He goes every day at four o'clock in the morning and waits in line sometimes for an hour or more for his turn to buy bread and then comes home and wakes us up for breakfast, He was joking and smiling despite his tiredness.
After having breakfast, he leaving us to go to his work.
He's been working all day in his grocery and when he comes home he brings us biscuits and candy.
My father has left a beautiful impression on me, and this makes me always remember him, he is still staying in my memory.
I love you, dad, and always remember you.

My mother

She was a strong character, serious in most situations but gentle.
She took care of us, cooked for us, took care of our affairs, in addition to following demands of our house.
despite all that she accomplished all the tasks for our large family.
and this thing consumes energy and effort. We're a big family and it's really stressful.
Nevertheless, she was patient and endured for us. As a kid, I didn't understand the value of my mom's pressure and effort.
But now I understand and appreciate it. I love you Mama and I know how much you love
me ❤️ Distances may separate us, but you are always in my heart and memory.

My sisters


Mona is my older sister In this picture, Mona With her husband Akram and their children, Dima and Adham.
She is my kind, affectionate sister.
She always thinks about us, she is the one who raised me, she is a teacher, and I still remember the times she took me to school with her.
I was five years old, and she gaved me great attention that I cannot forget, and these memories still accompany with me from childhood.
She is the one who graciously heals my pain with her words and the kindness of her heart I love you


Amal.. I don’t know what I can describe her, and I don’t think that words can describe her.
she deserves a lot and a lot. she has been my savior since my childhood.
she helped me to solve the difficulties that I faced, and I don’t know what shall I do if she hasn’t been beside me and supporting me.
How lucky I am that you are in my life.
I don't know what I would have done without you. I love you so much.


My sister Sanaa has a big heart, and she is kind and sincere in her feelings
towards others. She is sincere in her emotions. And she is loyal to everyone
she loves. She always takes the initiative and writes to ask if I'm okay, Through
her questions, I discover the extent of her love and tenderness. In this photo
Sanaa With her husband Hammoud and their children Farah, Omar and Gazal.
I Miss You all


In this picture, my sister, Safa, and her children, Aysar, Noor and Jana 

In this picture, my sister, Safa With her husband Kamal and their children, Aysar and Noor.
Safaa has a special personality. When I talk to her, I forget boredom, forget
the time, forget everything, and focus on what she speaks. She is also a very
good cook and the taste of her food is irresistible. I miss you sooooo much


In this photo, my sister Lina With Thaer her husband and their
daughters Lana, Celine and Juli. Lina was the store of my
secrets. I used to tell her everything and she was helping me
solve my problems through her deep and beautiful words. By the
way, she is also a psychological consultant and has a great
ability to listen and understand others. I Love You Lina


In this picture, my sister Kholoud, her husband Fadi, and their children, Ram
and Jad.
My Sister Kholoud never stops trying and she is a creative person since her
early childhood. She was interested in art, the natural sciences and the
universe. She perseveres and does not give up until she gets what she wants. I
like her tenacity. I Miss You

My brothers


In the picture, my brother Ghassan, his wife Jumana, and their children are
Hanin, Aseel and Sameh. My brother Ghassan works as a doctor
and he is a wonderful person with a big heart. He always
does good works, helps poor people and treats sick
people for free. He always jokes with others and puts a
smile on the faces. I Miss You


In this picture, my brother Ruslan, his wife Hadeel, their daughter Sarah, and
their twin sons Omar and Karam. My brother Ruslan is an engineer
with his own business he is a good and struggling person.
He knows what he wants and knows how to achieve his
goals. He helped me a lot when I was in Syria. He is the
one who sponsored my studies at the university as well
and many other things. I Miss You


In this picture, my brother Safwan, his wife Salam, and their son Milad
Safwan is my brother and also he is a friend of my childhood, he is only two
years older than me, so we had many unforgettable shared memories. He
works as a lawyer and he is a successful person and has a strong personality
and he is loved by others. I Miss You Safwan

Thank you for visiting my personal blog. Have a nice day