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first, I would like to thank you for visiting my 
Personal blog. My name is Bahaa Monder I am from Syria and I live in Germany.

This is my personal blog, I will share my thoughts, ideas, Photos and activities Through it, I will be very happy to get to know good people like you through my Blog, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me either by commenting on one of my posts or by emailing me or through social networking sites Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube.
I would also like to keep in constant contact.

Now let me introduce myself to you through My blog.

What I Love?

I Love You 😁

I love to make new friends, get to know new people and discover different cultures because they give me a good experience in my life and make me see things from a different perspective.

I love reading and I am always looking for good books through which I can discover something new about myself and remove ambiguity from somewhere in my mind so if you have a suggestion for any good book I hope you share with me the name of this book and how to get it, I am really interested in books, The books that interest me most are philosophy books, psychology books, and literary novels.

I also like watching movies that include interesting events that give the viewer fun and excitement, and take advantage of the idea of the film in real life. So if you have good suggestions for some movies please share with me their names.

I love Internet, and always looking for everything new in the internet. My goal is to learn and gain experience. I am currently running more than a website. I have another website in Arabic, the blog of Word Press, with which I share public articles, life, health, explanation, protection, and many other things. Name of the site: Tageld, you can see it through this link. Please note that the site referred to is in Arabic.

My Family

I lived my childhood in Syria in the city of Sweida. One day,
I was this kid in this picture 👇😏

My family is lovely and I love them too much. I have beautiful and unforgettable memories with all of my family, and I miss them so much. My life in Syria was very simple. Most of the people there are very simple and friendly, and the social relations in Syria have a lot of interdependence. Everyone cares about each other.

before i come to germany

 The family bond in my city is very strong and frankly, in the past, this bonding bothered me because I thought it took away my freedom. Now I discovered that this connection is important, beautiful, really and make you more strong. I yearn for this bonding and attention given to me by my family.

 I now live alone in Germany and my family is in Syria. I communicate with them via phone or social media. Since 2015 until now, I have not seen my family, and this is what makes me miss them more. Every time I communicate with them, my beautiful memories and the moments I spent with them come to me, and I always discover the extent of their love and loyalty to me despite the distances and time, their love for me remains constant. How I wish I could bring back the beautiful moments that I miss now with my family.

My Frinds

I am very fortunate to meet good and loyal friends. School friends, university friends and current friends.

 It's hard to find a loyal friend and life always teaches us a lot from those we meet.So many beautiful memories that they shared with me, so it is difficult for me to forget my friends, no matter how far away they are, they will always be with me in my memory. I Love you all

Countries I visited

Syria ( Al Swaida - Damascus - Daraa - Aleppo - Homs - Latakia - Tartous - Hasakah - Hama )

Lebanon ( Beirut - Aley - Saida - Johnny - Chouf - Baalbek )

Turkey ( Istanbul - Izmir - Ankara - Antalya )

UAE ( Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Sharjah - Al Ain - Ajman - Fujairah )

Greece ( Athens - Kos - Herkelion )

Austria ( Salzburg )

Germany ( Berlin - Munich - Dortmund - Düsseldorf - Essen - Hamburg - Cologne - Frankfurt - Bochum - Stuttgart - Hanover - Duisburg - Wuppertal - Bielefeld - Munster - Gelsenkirchen - Mnchengladbach - Aachen - Braunschweig - Oberhausen - Hamm - Mulheim - Reclenhausen )

Netherlands ( venlo - Amsterdam )

Romania Bucharest )

Study and workshops

- I studied Fine of Arts at AIU Syria 2010 - 2012
- I was a volunteer for the Red Cross in Syria, Sweida
- I learned video editor in Final Cut Pro in Dubai 
- attended workshop in Istanbul about peaceful revolution and freedom
- internship in cinema and stage technology Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum cultural center
- I took part (from here) HEROES in the cinema - cinema for children
- EAP summer course in Bucharest on civilization and culture in Europe
- Certificate from Google in the basics of digital marketing 12/07/2020 Certificate Identification Number:  XHU 3G9 ZXB  

Places, companies, and jobs I worked for

In Syria (salesman, clothes shops, food stores, sweets factory, waiter, library, repairing electrical appliances, and many, many other professions😁) I lived the biggest stage of my life in Syria, so I worked in various professions for short times and sometimes for long times.

In Lebanon (waiter, video editing)

In Dubai (seller at clothing companies like Debenhams, hotels like Sheraton)

In Germany (cinemas such as Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum Cultural Center, restaurants and cafeterias such as Kugelpudel and Baristoteles, on Amazon as problem solver, with DHL as codec)

Now I work on my website in writing and marketing as well.

This blog is new so I will try to publish my activities sequentially until I reach for direct blogging
In the coming days, I will amend or add other information to this post until it becomes complete

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
Bahaa Monder
Bochum 11.2020

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  1. Oh my friend this memories, we have spent the best times together 😄
    I hope these days comes back really

    1. hi kinan Thank you for the comment, I hope you are well, my friend. It was wonderful days and I miss these memories so much :)

  2. Good to hear this information about you,its really interesting,finally a chance to know you better,keep it going,hope to see you soon

    1. Hi Salam,
      Thank you for having visited my blog and written this beautiful comment. I hope we will meet soon.


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